Taken for Granted

“We live here — we have so much food, so many opportunities; we tend to forget what we’ve been through, and take everything for granted.”

A recent conversation I had with my mother opened my eyes to see how privileged we as Americans are.

“My neighbor, an old lady, felt bad for us, and gave us jack fruit rinds to eat when we were starving. I remember eating those rinds – food basically used for cows – as if they were my last meal. That’s how I felt every day: that the meal I was eating were my last. Even though I had my siblings, I was alone. I was fighting for my life, and they were fighting for theirs.”

I can’t imagine a life like that. A life like hers. A life like 33 million others. I’ve been spoon fed my whole life; my education was provided for me, my stomach was never empty, a roof was always over my head. I don’t think for the people in other countries who are still facing this struggle today.

I live in America. I have freedom. I have money. I have food. I don’t think for other people. That is the spring that feeds my, and my nation’s, ultimate downfall.



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