We are better than that

From an adolescent to the laughingstock the typical Facebook political argument has become:

A few questions — do all conservatives really wear tinfoil hats, demand safe spaces, and watch FOX News out of staunch delusion? Do all liberals get triggered easily, make noise, and retaliate uncontrollably out of unrelenting adamance? Are all Trump supporters really one-dimensional racists who pledge allegiance to the long-dead Confederacy? Are all Clinton or Sanders supporters really immature keyboard warriors and SJWs who disrupt order everywhere they go? Are Xs really Ys who do Zs? Really?

People have their reasons for being liberal or conservative or libertarian or authoritarian or capitalist or socialist — whatever political beliefs float their boat.

I understand that times can get befuddling and difficult to grasp, especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, but it makes absolutely no sense to judge all the believers of a political ideology based on the actions of a few. We know better than that. We’re better than that.


Photo ©2014 by Always Shooting [CC-BY-SA-2.0]


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