What it comes to… (Part 1)

My seniors companions,
Waiting on college admissions is an undoubtedly stressful process. It’s one of the great conundrums that a high school senior must face in his or her final year — an institutional conundrum that has the power to change the future as he or she knows it.
Many high school seniors check their email inboxes or mailboxes to find acceptance letters from their dream university or college. They savor a rush of joy that arrives after weeks or months of playing the suspenseful waiting game, having disproved this deep fear of rejection from the institutions they most desire to attend.
Unfortunately, not all seniors get into their first-choice school.
Rejection evolves from a fear in the mind to a reality in the life for many of these other seniors, who, hoping to find an acceptance letter, instead find a letter that begins with a phrase such as “Dear student: we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission…”
These can be some of the most damning groups of words these seniors can hear. While some shrug it off and fall back onto other colleges, some others are reluctant to accept the results, and often feel overwhelmed at the remains of their shattered dreams that they worked so hard and so diligently for — a rejection letter penned by a dean equally reluctant to reject these very students. These seniors ask, “Has it really all come to this?”
Sometimes it does feel this way.
But no, it has not come all to this…

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